Garage Sealant Pack

Nov 18 2021


1 x WELLSEAL - 100ml Tube

(Non-setting jointing compound for fine faces & can be used on head gasket oil galleries, thermostat gaskets etc.)

1 x REINZOSIL - 70ml Tube

(Grey silicione - Fill gap >1mm - suitable for uneven and rough surfaces. Suitable for timing covers etc. Its durability, flexibility and versatility makes it a favourite. 

Allow minimum 4 hours curing)

1 x AFD2000 - 50g

(Anaerobic Sealer - Fine face fit sealant, Fill gap >0.3mm. Machined face sealer, can be used for oil pump mounting, gearboxes, cam carrier to cylinder heads.  It does not need air to cure. This sealer is for machined face to machined face without designated gaskets)


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